Doors open for studentpreneurs and kiwis

Whether new legislation enabling up to 1,000 students each year to top off their Bachelor degree with a Startup Year warrants the entrance of new words to the long-suffering English language is one thing (yes, in addition to the Startup Year descriptor we have seen studentpreneurs promoted as a thing elsewhere, it is an annoying phrase in our book, but who are we to judge).

But the interesting idea, which sounds like it would be a no brainer on paper but a less sure thing in practice, is to encourage more grads to create their own jobs/businesses, going through a startup program.

The ATN, which has lobbied hard for the funding, was pleased. “Startup Year will provide students access to our world-class facilities and our sector-leading mentors, ATN boss Luke Sheehy said.

“We’ve had a long engagement with this policy idea, and our consultation with the department has always been open and fruitful.”

The changes in the Act will also allow New Zealand students to access HELP – a move which is likely to cause some consternation across the ditch, where a slump in domestic student demand has already been causing some headaches for uni leaders. The prospect of losing additional students to Australia as a result of these changes is likely to see some new dynamics in the trans-Tasman market.

“The changes will now pave the way for tens of thousands of potential New Zealanders to access our world-class HELP system of no up-front costs along with access to a subsidised place, as they begin their pathway to Australian citizenship,” Mr Sheehy said.



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