Professor Bindi Bennett | First Person

Professor Bindi Bennett

Name:  Bindi Bennett
Role / where you work:  Professorial Research Fellow, Federation University
People / country (where you’re from and where you are now):  Gamilaraay working, living and playing on Jinibara Country
1. What are you working on right now?  We are starting to create a culturally responsive Sim that can be used in filed practicum by allied health. The idea apart from becoming more culturally responsive before heading out to work, is that practicum students can do it for free, reducing the costs of practicum for them.
2. How do you measure your own success?People using my work, students contacting me to discuss their work and how they expand on my work and how to go forwards and if it seems my work has given our communities benefit.
3. How do you measure your own success?The most exciting moment for me was being successful in my first Australian Research Grant which developed a culturally responsive measurement toolkit. It was a moment because to be able to create opportunities to improve cultural responsiveness (and to be a researcher) was a dream of mine. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.
4. What is the best lesson you have learned?  Emotionally regulate and resource- it will help you immensely!
5. Best way to spend a Saturday afternoon is?  Anyway you like, but for me watching or spending time with my family including my animals
6. One guilty pleasure that you’re willing to share?  Real coke a cola. 100%
7. If you could change one thing in the sector it would be:  That we were less violent to each other and more kind. That we really started to challenge the colonial structures of higher education.



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