The top ten issues for Uni IT

E-security is a focus for IT chiefs surveyed by the Council of Australasian University Directors of IT.

A “secure campus” for data protection is top of their list this year, as it was in the previous two. Related concerns with data governance and identity and access management are respectively 5th and 10th. 

Digitisation also occupies attention, accounting for a further three, digital strategy (3rd), digital transformation (4th) and digital integration (6th).

Outcomes for users account for the other four, student experience (2nd), connectivity for users (7th), data in decision making (8th) and support for learning and teaching (9th).

Given the pandemic and the acceleration of security risks, this year’s list does not seem spectacularly changed from 2016 when the top ten issues were;

student outcome tech, supporting emerging tech, information security, innovative tech for learning and teaching, digital strategy, IT for workforce change, changing business functions, learning analytics, research support, ID and access management, (Campus Morning Mail, July 5 2016).



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