Australian HE unmasked

Future Campus is hosting a free webinar offering quite possibly the best investment of 60 minutes in understanding the Australian HE landscape this year.

If you lead, aspire to lead or aspire to simply hold onto your job in the sector, then this seminar is for you – as we trawl through a ANU Professor Andrew Norton’s labyrinthine latest report on Australian Higher Education.

The Australian HE Unmasked: Compelling insights into Australian HE in 2023 webinar will run from 11am-Noon (Canberra time) on Monday, 30 October, featuring Professor Norton with University of Melbourne’s Associate Professor Gwilym Croucher, Queensland University of Technology’s Principal Policy Adviser Dr John Byron and Social Research Centre’s Lisa Bolton.

This seminar will move fast, diving into key sections of the report to reveal trends and insights that matter most, providing a degustation-style menu of the key challenges and opportunities in the sector right now.

Free, Fantastic, maybe even Fun. An hour not to be missed.

Register here.



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