Your last chance for useful HE conversation in 2023

Good people of HE, 2023 has boiled down to this.

We have had recovery in international student numbers, heart attacks and ecstatic indulgence from various corners of the tea room over AI, general wariness fading into indifference over the potentially cataclysmic Accord reforms and a whole lot of people staring into the distance post-Voice referendum hoping they aren’t going to get asked what is next for Indigenous inclusion.

But take heart, friends. The Future Campus team have pulled together a stunning line-up of speakers so that you can soak up all you need to know in a one-day online seminar series, The Great Day In.

All seminars will be recorded, so ticketholders will be able to view sessions in their own sweet time, and we will be diving into AI and teaching; ways to make your campus student friendly; new thoughts on Indigenous inclusion post-Referendum, the best way to build and keep a great HE team, and a fresh look at marketing.

We have a host of experts, a rapid-fire Q and A format to keep you engaged and give you a chance to pose questions, all for just $100.

Jump in and join us for the last chance for useful conversation of 2023, before the December Dialect of Office Party Small Talk kicks in.




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