AI Framework for HE

A new partnership has been established to deliver consulting projects and run events relating to the application of generative AI in the sector – AI Collab

The Collab has drafted a practical framework for addressing generative AI in Australian universities, to be discussed at a Workshop next week – Practical AI strategies for Australian Universities.

“Universities are being asked to demonstrate how they are going to guard against AI, while at the same time, individual staff in their thousands are swapping ideas about how best to use it,” AI Collab and Future Campus Director Tim Winkler said.

“This Workshop is the first of a number of events Future Campus and the AI Collab will host on AI through the year, with a focus on airing new ideas and building conversations.

The AI Collab has developed a draft framework which starts to look at an institution-wide response to both the opportunities and threats that AI presents.

“There is already evidence that multiple institutions are struggling with piecemeal responses to AI – placing a burden on those perceived to be local ‘AI experts’ as they are invited to multiple committees and asked to focus on diverse objectives, answering to multiple uncoordinated teams,” AI Collab and AI Her Way Director Dr Nici Sweaney said.

“This approach risks increasing inefficiency and also introducing inconsistent and incompatible approaches to the use and regulation of generative AI tools.

“With the pace of change as generative AI evolves and is embraced across the community, we need to keep focusing attention on the pursuit of integrated, strategic solutions – and share ideas through workshops and papers.”

AI Collab has been established in a partnership between Twig Marketing and AI Her Way.




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