How do wellbeing experts look after themselves?

Staff and student wellbeing have become hot topics across the sector – laced through issues cited in the Accord, raised during industrial bargaining negotiations and cited as a key factor in reducing student attrition.

Developing expertise in initiatives that drive measurable improvements in wellbeing is one thing, but how does a wellbeing expert  make sure they are practising what they preach, and looking after themselves?

Narelle Lemon, Jacqui Francis and Lisa Baker are at the vanguard of new forms of expression and analysis featuring in a range of publications – publishing a paper which analyses what impact their work in writing about wellbeing has on their professional and personal lives.

“Writing well and being well as academic writers is rarely spoken about, often hidden, and at times evaded,” they write.

So what is the result of living the job?

“There exists a battle between what you know is good for you personally and the tension that emerges from the dominant professional rhetoric around academic success, creating knowledge, and career advancement,” the writers say.

The paper contains a range of insights that shed light on the authors as they consider their own wellbeing, writing about wellbeing.

“Academic writing can be bloody hard. I ooze imposter syndrome; perfectionism gnaws, and doubt is constant,” one writes.

This paper is an interesting opportunity to consider not just how to create knowledge, but also how to survive it.



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