New insights into academic workforce from playlists

Imagine You have a moment in between tutorials and yet another meeting. You are gazing at the cloisters/ concrete car park outside your window. What song describes the current stage of your career – Blowin’ in the Wind or We are the Champions?

Turning Points, an innovative new project led by the University of Melbourne’s Associate Professor Mark Selkrig, provides a great opportunity to explore the changes that academics make to shape their working lives.

Associate Professor Selkrig said the project aimed to understand what turning points had caused academic staff to change direction in their work and do something differently and also which changes had taken hold, and why.

Academic staff from around the world are encouraged to participate in the 15-minute survey, which offers the opportunity to express the impact and process of making change through text, song selection and/or art. Participants are asked to create detailed prompts for AI-generated artwork, which will create a gallery telling stories of change.

This is a really interesting project, where the methodology of research is almost as interesting as the proposition, and we will bring outcomes of the project to readers in future, when they are available.

To learn more about the project, watch the interview with Associate Professor Selkrig.

To participate, find the survey here.



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