An ID for ideas: a national persistent identifier will save researchers time and create new opportunities

A persistent identifier can identify resources used and outputs of research,  Australia needs such a system and now there is a strategy to create one. It’s the work of the Australian Research Data Commons and the Australian Access Federation.

what they are: PIDs are alpha-numeric codes identifying observations, information and data in research which can link to metadata. “thereby establishing provenance and attributes”

the big benefit: “optimising the research and innovation ecosystem through facilitating understanding of how elements of the ecosystem, including investment, use, outputs, outcomes and impact, relate to one another.”

the evidence is: ORCID (which is a PID for people) already saves time in ARC grant applications. “By linking researchers to projects, grants, organisations and equipment, we can improve research reproducibility, provenance and attribution.”

how to make it happen:a roadmap is in development



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