Uni not-so super

As of late yesterday, UniSuper member services were still off-line, as they have been since Thursday.

Around 9pm (AEST) Thursday night the giant fund ($124bn assets under management) emailed members to say there was a “service disruption,” although a fund member tells FC that they were not able to access accounts from Tuesday last.

UniSuper was quick to advise that the disruption was not due a cyber-attack and none member data was exposed. 

On Friday, the Fund had something to add; that it was all the fault of Google Cloud, which provides data support services – and that members’ money is safe.

So safe that members and employers could not access payments and services – unless of course UniSuper helped out. “We are finalising how we are able to process member requests during this time in a way that is fair and equitable for members, as you expect and deserve.”

Which is where members were late Sunday – with no word on whatever went wrong would be fixed. 

And if they wanted to ask anybody, they could wait. The “questions about the outage” page had a “We are here to help” statement, “between Monday to Friday 8.30am-6pm.”



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