What will Mr Chalmers bring for you this year?

The Australian Universities Accord Final Report has created an unusually high level of interest in this year’s Federal Budget, to be released on 14 May. Which of the 49 recommendations will be funded, which will miss out – and what does the Government’s first tranche of actions mean for the sector?

On 15 May, Following the release of the Federal Budget, our expert panel will review the Government’s first moves in implementing the Accord.

Join Universities Australia CEO Luke Sheehy, TAFE Directors Australia CEO Jenny Dodd, renowned Higher Education Analyst Andrew Norton, Victoria University’s Vice-Chancellor & President Professor Adam Shoemaker and other sector thought leaders to sift through what the Budget means for universities and TAFEs in an interactive one-hour webinar the day after Treasurer Chalmers delivers the government’s annual fiscal masterplan.



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