New HE Awards to be announced at HE FEST 24

A new conference and awards competition will focus on the two critical drivers of higher education in Australasia – AI and Advancement.

Future Campus has launched the HE FEST 24 conference, to be hosted by the University of South Australia in Adelaide from 11-13 September 2024 and announced 10 new awards.

This is a conference about redefining the future of higher education in our corner of the world.

Advancement – including marketing, communications, recruitment and Fundraising – is critical to enabling growth, connecting with community and giving higher education institutions the capacity to grow.

Generative AI, which burst into international use with the advent of ChatGPT in late 2022, has the potential to alter virtually every aspect of HE and is being rolled out in a myriad of inventive ways across the country.

Understanding and guiding Advancement and use of generative AI is going to be critical to the future of every Australasian HE provider – and also to the careers of tens of thousands of staff.

Future Campus has launched 10 new awards today, recognising excellence in marketing, recruitment, communications and philanthropy, as well as applications of generative AI in learning and teaching, research, operations and student support.



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