Appointments and Achievements (29 May)

The Australian Research Council announces the 2024 Laureate Fellows,

Derek Abbott (Uni Adelaide) * Andrew Baker (UNSW) * Gabrielle Belz (Uni Queensland) 

Nathaniel Bindoff (Uni Tasmania) * Alan Collins (Uni Adelaide) * Yihong Du (Uni MNew England) * Christopher Gibson(Uni Wollongong) * Michael Kearney (Uni Melbourne) * Liza Lim (Uni Sydney) * James McCaw (Uni Melbourne) * Andrea Morello (UNSW) * Jacqueline Peel (Uni Melbourne) * Sharon Robinson (Uni Wollongong) * Jeffrey Walker(Monash U) * Hongxia Wang (QUT) * Michael Ward ( Uni Sydney) * Thomas Wernberg (UWA) 

Professor Wang is also awarded the Georgina Sweet Fellowship (to mentor “women and others who are systematically disadvantaged” in their research careers in chemistry, materials science and physics.” 

Professor Peel has the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Fellowship for mentoring in HASS 

Businessman David Baxby is the first Bond U graduate to become its chancellor.

Megan Clark will become chancellor of Monash U, in July. She is a former CSIRO chief executive and was inaugural head of the Australian Space Agency. Monash Deputy Chancellor Peter Young calls her, “an influential contributor to the science and technology sector.”

Sarah Collins (UWA) wins the (UK) Royal Musical Association’s Dent Medal (for musicology).

James McCluskey receives the Committee for Melbourne Achiever Award for his contribution to biomedical research.

Bronte Neyland becomes Swinburne U’s DVC External Engagement. She moves from PVC Future Students there.

At QUT, Jennifer Williams is appointed dean of the in-planning School of Clinical Medicine. She moves from ED, Medicine and Health at Uni New England.



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