Better teaching leads to greater employability

Higher quality teaching leads to higher levels of employability amongst university graduates, according to a new study.

Examining the employment fortunes of more than 500 people in Uganda, researchers found that graduates who had been taught by lecturers who had achieved high quality standards in their teaching practice were more likely to find a job after graduation.

The researchers interviewed academic staff and reviewed their status in achieving the nation’s National Council for Higher Education quality teaching standards, as well as quality of assessment and learning environment. They used this data to identify the relative teaching quality of academic staff and then cross-checked their results with the employment outcomes of their students.

There was a significant positive correlation between good teaching and graduate employment success. While the teaching methods used were insignificant, the quality of staff, assessment and learning environment – such as an effective audio system and quiet reading areas – were significant predictors of job hunting success for graduates.

“Quality teaching is vital to impart skills and competencies that are relevant in the world of work, and this subsequently improves the employability level of graduates,” the researchers found.



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